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Frequently Asked Questions


How much does it cost?

A: It's true that coaching costs money, but if you're truly ready to tackle your wellness goals and put in the work, your return on investment will be worth it. In my humble opinion, investing in your health and happiness is the best investment you could ever make! Below you'll find my preliminary pricing and currently offered programs, always subject to change.

1:1 Coaching Programs:

  • 3 month Kick Starter program: $480 total investment, or $160/mo

  • 6 month Gold Standard program: $870 total investment, or $145/mo -best 1:1 value!

  • Month to Month option: (2 session/month): $190/month investment

  • One-off session: $95/session investment

Group Coaching:

  •  Sacred Self-Care Circle: $249 total for 8 weeks (1 hour session per week) -best overall value!

  • Intuitive Eating Circle: Coming soon! Pricing TBD


What is coaching?

A health coach provides support, accountability, time and attention, structure for your goals, recommendations and resources. Health coaches DO NOT diagnose issues, prescribe medications, tell their clients what they 'should' or 'need' to do. The coach-client relationship is a collaborative one where both parties work together to address the needs and issues of the client.

Foggy Waters

How do your programs work?

There will always be a free 35 minutes initial consultation for 1:1 coaching. Clients can then choose a 3 month program (6 fifty-minute bi-weekly sessions) or a 6 month program (12 fifty-minute bi-weekly sessions.) There will also be a month to month option available. Sustainable change occurs over time, so a 6 month program is optimal but I recognize that may not be right for everyone. Group coaching is a 2 month program with weekly sessions, so if you have a few friends you’d like to recruit, you'll get a discount! Healing and growing in community is a beautiful thing. 

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