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How to Start Self-Care Stacking

Updated: Jul 6, 2022

Have you heard of habit stacking? It's a way to incorporate a desired habit or behavior into your life by attaching it to something you already do. For example, let's say you want to start moisturizing you body daily. You can pair that habit with say, brushing your teeth, something you already do every evening. That way, when you brush your teeth, you can have your favorite lotion or body oil nearby and lather up.

So then, what is self-care stacking? It's a similar idea, but with a specific "self-care " lens. Maybe you have an hour to devote to your self-care today. How many self-care practices can you stack together? First, take inventory of the specific practices or activities that promote a feeling of overall well-being for you. Then, you can stack them together - kind of like a puzzle. Lately, my favorite stack has been walking+nature+pulling oracle cards+journaling.

This is a very nourishing way to engage in not just one, but two or three of the practices that bring you joy and fill your cup. Let me know in the comments what self-care stacks work for you!

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