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Benefits of a Gratitude Practice

Updated: Jul 6, 2022

You're probably no stranger to the idea of practicing gratitude, but the benefits can be truly life-changing. Focusing on the good and seemingly small miracles every day can really shift your mindset. From experience, it has allowed me to handle anything that comes my way with more grace, poise and kindness. It has lowered cortisol and regulated my nervous system. I am able to approach anything from a much more grounded place. Try being stressed with an overwhelming sense of gratitude; it's hard!

Some tools I use to incorporate gratitude are:

  • Journaling (three things I'm grateful for each morning)

  • Periodically reminding myself of one or two things I'm grateful for throughout the day (especially in moments of stress or overwhelm)

  • Stopping to notice the "small miracles" - everyday beauty and goodness around us

  • Getting out in nature - this always puts me in a space of gratitude and awe

What are your go-to gratitude practices?

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